I can spend hours looking at and choosing fonts to use and I really admire those who are able to be creative and unique in the way they design fonts. Below are some free cursive fonts that you can use for your typography project or perhaps even a wedding invite. Enjoy and I would love to hear how you used or plan to use these fonts!

ALS Script Font
ALS Script Cursive Font

Arizonia Font
Arizonia Cursive Font

Great Vibes Font
Great Vibes Cursive Font

Lavanderia Font
Lavanderia Cursive Font

Cylburn Font
Cylburn Cursive Font

Bickham Scrip Pro Font
Bickham Script Cursive Font

Lainie Day Font
Lainie Day Cursive Font

Learning Curve Pro Font
Learning Curve Cursive Font

Parisienne Font
Parisienne Cursive Font

Alex Brush Font

Housegrind Personal Use Only Font
Housegrind Cursive Font

Oliver Tue Les Fourmis Font
Oliver tue les fourmis Cursive Font

Brannboll Font
Brannboll Cursive Font