‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae’s debut ended with an exclamation point in the first half, a question mark in the second, and a temperature difference in the 68th minute [Bundesliga]

The first half was an exclamation point, but the second half was a question mark.

Bayern Munich cruised to a 4-0 victory over Werder Bremen in the opening round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga on Monday (Sept. 19) in Bremen, Germany.먹튀검증

Kane made his Bavarian debut with a goal and an assist. Then came a multi-goal performance from Zane and a wedge from Teller to extend their unbeaten run in opening matches to 12 games.

The first half was an exclamation point, but the second half was a question mark. Photo (Bremen Germany)=AFPBBNews=News1
‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae also made his Bundesliga debut. Along with Upamecano, he was responsible for Munich’s central defense. He held his ground until the 68th minute when he was substituted for Diricht.

Kim’s performance in the first 45 minutes was remarkable. He was at the center of the buildup from the back as Munich dominated possession, and his precise passes to Coman were often the starting point of Munich’s attacks.

In the 19th minute of the first half, the Munich attack started with Kim Min-jae and ended with Musiala’s shot. A minute later, a similar situation occurred, with a pass from Kim Min-jae to Komang to Mazrawi also threatening.

Kim Min-jae’s pass to Komang was also sharp. It was a ‘monster’ that looked better in attack than in defense. He even managed to get his first shot on target in the 45th minute. He headed in a corner kick from Kim Mihi.

‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae made his Bundesliga debut. He was responsible for Munich’s central defense alongside Upamecano. He held his ground until the 68th minute when he was replaced by Diricht. Photo (Bremen Germany)=AFPBBNews=News1
After a scoreless first half, Kim’s second half was a bit strange. As Bremen began to chase, the offense was not as aggressive as before. He also started to lose header battles to Bremen’s ace Fulkruk. This allowed Bremen’s second and third attacks to flourish.

Kim Min-jae committed a foul in the 55th minute to stop a Bremen counter-attack, which resulted in a yellow card. The caution slowed him down.

Bremen took advantage of Munich’s slow defensive transition and focused on Kim, who was still under suspension. Under pressure, Kim was unable to control Fulkruk and the crisis grew. He lost his concentration. His passes often went astray, and the Munich bench had no choice but to substitute him.

The Bavarians brought on Der Licht in place of Kimmich and went on to overcome Bremen’s challenge to win 4-0.

“Couchscore gave Kim a rating of 7.1. This is the lowest of the four defenders who started. “Potmob rated him 7.4. “Fourscore.com gave him a rating of 6.9, the lowest of all the players who started, after Ulrich (6.7) and Coman (6.8).

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