[k2.interview] The long, long VAR…Cho Sung-wook, who saw the goal closest, “I was sure it was offside”

Cho Sung-wook was convinced that Bucheon FC’s goal was offside.

Seongnam FC drew 2-2 with Bucheon FC in the 27th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Tancheon Sports Complex at 7pm on the 21st. With a point, Seongnam briefly moved up to ninth place in the league.

카지노The game was a tense affair until the end. Seongnam went into halftime with the lead thanks to a first-half goal from Chris, but conceded an equaliser to Ahn Jae-jun, who came on as a substitute at the start of the second half. In need of a goal, it was Cho Sung-wook who stepped up to the plate. In the 26th minute of the second half, he headed home Park Tae-joon’s ball from a corner kick to give his team the lead again. It was Cho Sung-wook who jumped up high in the crowd of players. It was Cho Sung-wook’s fourth goal of the league, but Seongnam conceded a late equaliser through Lee Yi-hyung in stoppage time and the game ended in a draw.

After the game, we caught up with Cho Sung-wook in the mix zone, and he was not happy after conceding the equaliser in late stoppage time. “We had a goal,” he said, “and for that goal, we had to win today. We tried to win, but I’m personally disappointed with the last goal I conceded. I think it’s a bit disappointing that the result ended in a draw,” he began the interview.

“I think the team did a good job of building up from the back and taking the pressure off the opposition,” he continued, “but I think the defence could have done with a bit more concentration at the end of the game. I think we need to work on those things,” he reflected.

He also talked about his goal. After scoring a header in the opening match at home against the Ansan Greeners, Cho Sung-wook has now scored four goals this season, including against Bucheon. That’s the fourth most in Seongnam, behind Chris, Gabriel and Lee Jong-ho.

“I feel lucky,” said Cho Sung-wook. My teammates put up good kicks, so I was able to score well. In training, I rarely score, but in matches I do. I think it’s better,” he said with a slight smile.

I also asked him about the goals that were cancelled by VAR. Bucheon’s Lupeta rattled the Seongnam net twice on the day, but both goals were cancelled out after VAR. Seongnam could breathe a sigh of relief.

“I was convinced that Lupeta’s goal was offside, so I said that, but the referees all said that it wasn’t, so I was a bit anxious when they said that. But fortunately, it was cancelled, so I felt good.”

Seongnam will now face Gyeongnam FC and Gimpo FC for the rest of August. “Actually, whenever we played Gyeongnam or Gimpo, I didn’t think we would play a game where we would lose. We will play to win this time as well. However, as I said earlier, we will talk to the players about our defensive focus and make it better,” he said, revealing how they will prepare for the two matches.

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