‘It’s a huge loss for the player and the team’ Ryu Hyun-jin says over-management is ‘poison’

Is ‘managing’ good for Ryu and the team?

The Toronto Blue Jays’ Ryu Hyun-jin suffered his second loss of the season. It was his most winnable game since returning from injury. The team’s four-game winning streak came to an end.

Ryu made his seventh start of the season against the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum on July 7 (KST). After taking more than a year off following elbow surgery, 카지노 Ryu was showing good form after a grueling rehabilitation. It was time to put a stop to it. Toronto had won three straight games the day before to take over the third spot in the wild-card race. Their opponent, Oakland, had the worst winning percentage in the entire majors. Both teams had the worst record in the majors. It was an away game, but the pitcher-friendly conditions at the Oakland Coliseum could have worked in Ryu’s favor.

But the game went south. Ryu pitched well. Five innings, two runs. The two-run homer he gave up to Perez in the fourth inning was unfortunate, but it’s encouraging that he’s been consistently pitching 5 2-3 innings. It’s just a shame that the offense went silent on this day.

The sixth inning was disappointing. The score was 1-2 with one out. By the fifth inning, Ryu had only thrown 77 pitches. If Ryu could go another inning or so, Toronto’s bullpen would have a chance to pull off the upset.

But Ryu went down, and then Miller came in and gave up a three-run shot to Smith to put the game out of reach for Oakland.

Ryu was in trouble in the fourth and fifth innings, but he worked through it. It was his seventh game back, so he could have pushed his innings and pitches a bit more. However, we can’t help but question manager John Schneider’s decision to pull Ryu from the game. For the player, it was frustrating to see the losses pile up, and for the Toronto fans, it must have been difficult to understand how the final game of the series ended in such a futile fashion.

Schneider cited pitching on four days’ rest as the reason for Ryu’s early demotion. It was an expected response. But it’s time for Toronto to pull out all the stops. Ryu is a key player in the final rebound. Unless he’s really pushing himself, Schneider has to make a move. Ryu needs to slowly build up his stamina.

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