3G no hits 3 hits rebound double play that breaks the tie… Kim Do-young suffers from growing pains

Is it because of the burden? The performance of ‘second-year’ infielder Kim Do-young (19), who led the KIA Tigers in a hot late summer, suddenly dropped significantly. 

카지노 On the 19th, against the Gwangju LG Twins, KIA was on the verge of its 6th consecutive loss. KIA faced an attack in the bottom of the 9th inning with a 3-4, 1-point lead, and with no runners on 1 out, Oh Seon-woo walked, and the follow-up batter Choi Won-jun hit a hit to right, giving them a chance to win by finishing 1st and 3rd base. It was an opportunity to take down Go Woo-seok, the league’s leading closing pitcher. 

In this situation, Kim Do-young, who was at bat, swung missing at a four-seam fastball (fastball) near the body of the first pitch (based on a right-handed batter), and tried the same pitch again on the second pitch, but ended up hitting a grounder heading towards the second baseman. LG second baseman Shin Min-jae stepped directly to second base and then made a double play with a throw to first base. The game ends as is. Kim Doyoung could not hide his devastated expression. 

Kim Do-young suffered an ankle injury in the second game of the opening two-game series of the regular season and returned after a long rehabilitation period in the game against KT Wiz on June 23. Since then, he has contributed to the team’s ranking competition with improved hitting ability, base running play, and stable third base defense. Even when KIA achieved 9 consecutive wins from the KT Wiz match on the 24th of last month to the Doosan match on the 6th of this month, he played a good role as the leader of the attack along with Park Chan-ho. In particular, he hit a timely hit and a wedge home run against SSG Rangers on the 3rd, where he won 8 games in a row, and a two-run home run in the 4th inning against Doosan on the 6th, when he won 9 games in a row. 

KIA believed in Kim Do-young’s growth and traded starting infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk to the Samsung Lions in early July. Taegun Kim was recruited to strengthen the home defense, which was a weak position. Kim Do-young was the team’s present and future. 

However, in the last 11 games where the competition for rankings continues, Kim Do-young performed poorly with a batting average of only 0.217 (10 hits in 46 at-bats). Starting with the game against the Lotte Giants on the 13th, he filled in for leadoff (number one hitter) Park Chan-ho, who left the batting lineup due to a left finger ligament injury, but ended up with no hits in three consecutive games. In the meantime, it was Kim Do-young who replaced Park Chan-ho as shortstop. In the game against Doosan on the 17th, which was his 4th consecutive loss, he made a catching error on an ordinary infield ground ball. 

It seems like the mental burden has increased as I take on a key role in the climax of the ranking competition. In the end, KIA manager Kim Jong-guk returned Kim Do-young to his original position as number 2 hitter and third baseman. Kim Do-young rebounded by hitting 3 hits against Doosan on the 18th, and also hit a double in the 8th inning against LG on the 19th, recording hits in consecutive games. However, when he had a chance to tie the game in the 9th inning, he ended up hitting a double play. 

Chan-ho Park began batting training a few days ago, and is approaching his return by appearing as a substitute on the 19th. However, Choi Won-jun, who led the KIA mobile baseball team with him, will be called up to the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) national baseball team from the 23rd and will leave. 

KIA recently fell to 6th place due to 6 consecutive losses. Fortunately, the performance of SSG, the top 5 competitor, had dropped significantly, so the margin of victory did not increase significantly. The most important time for KIA this season. Kim Do-young’s rebound is urgent. 

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