‘Mezzalla’ Lee Seung-woo changes back to square one…’Drunk driving’ Ras handling leaves Suwon FC in trouble

Suwon FC is facing a lot of problems with Lars, who was caught driving under the influence.

On July 7, Suwon FC announced on their official SNS that “Ras was caught drunk driving in the early hours of today (7th) and is under police investigation. We sincerely apologize to the fans who have always supported and loved Suwon FC and Lars,” the club announced.

메이저놀이터The club has notified the KFA of Lars’ DUI arrest and will follow up with appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the club’s rules. The club deeply regrets this incident and will ensure that it does not recur through thorough player management.”

According to police, Rath, who plays for Suwon FC, was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol near Sinsa Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on July 7. Although there was no accident, Rath’s blood alcohol level was above the level that would revoke his license, causing a stir.

Suwon FC promised to take “reasonable disciplinary and follow-up measures” in the wake of the incident, and immediately held internal discussions about Ras’s discipline. It is reported that the conclusion was already oriented to terminate the contract.

However, the question at the club level is at what point to terminate Lars’ contract. If they terminate his contract immediately, it will only be a good thing for him. Suwon FC would be forced to sell their key striker in the middle of the season without receiving a transfer fee. Lars, on the other hand, is a free agent and can decide which team he wants to join.

The transfer window is closed in the K League, but it’s still in full swing in Europe. Each league has a different schedule, but it’s usually over three weeks away, giving you plenty of time to negotiate with any club in any league. The club is considering the timing because releasing Lars right away might not be considered “disciplinary” enough.

This is especially true as there are examples of players who have left the K League before Ras for drunk driving. The case of Kunimoto, who was terminated by Jeonbuk Hyundai for driving while intoxicated, is an example of how termination is not a disciplinary measure. Kunimoto was released from his contract by Jeonbuk on July 13 last year and found a new home in the Portuguese league less than two weeks later.

Photo: CNN Portugal

The termination of his contract with Jeonbuk turned out to be a good thing for Kunimoto. Players who are released as free agents often get better treatment when they switch teams because they don’t have to pay a transfer fee. Suwon FC is worried about a second Kunimoto situation. It wouldn’t be surprising if Lars is headed to Europe for better treatment and not as a punishment.

If a player’s contract is terminated after the end of the European transfer window, it’s not easy for him to find a destination. For example, Anyang striker Jonatan Moya was released from his contract in April and headed to the Indian league three months later. While three months doesn’t erase a drunk driving offense, it does give him a gap in his career, which can serve as discipline.

At the managerial level, Rath’s lack of goals is a concern. Ras has become more than just an ugly duckling, he’s become a troublemaker, but he was a key part of Suwon FC. His attitude on and off the field was a problem, but replacing a player who finished fourth in the league in goals and second in attacking points is never an easy task.

To make matters worse for Kim, the transfer market was closed. It would be easy to replace Lars with a new foreign player, but it’s not possible. For now, he has to make do with what he has.

Kim’s decision to move Lee Seung-woo to midfield was made all the more difficult by the drunk driving incident after the team had already settled into a rhythm. As a result, Kim is now trying to figure out how to use Lee in an attacking role again. Lee Young-jae could be back on the field soon.

Still, he can’t put Lee as his top striker. He doesn’t have the physique or style to play up top. We have Kim Hyun, but he hasn’t done much compared to last season. He hasn’t played many games due to injuries. He has a lot of nagging injuries, so it’s hard to put him in the starting lineup every game. Yang Dong-hyun has been focusing more on his role as a player-coach, so he’s not at full fitness. In many ways, Ras is a detriment to the team.

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