[Key site] The meaning of the revived jeep jeep in Paju, the ‘American style’ Klinsmann that emphasizes physical ability

The shuttle run, which was a hot topic 20 years ago, has been revived in the training of the men’s national soccer team.

On the 11th, the men’s soccer team trained at the National Training Center (NFC) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. The national team will face Tunisia at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th and Vietnam at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

Only the beginning of the training was revealed, two days before the Tunisia match, but what caught the eye was the shuttle run. Shuttle run is a training exercise in which you repeat a short section of round trip running. Participants’ cardiorespiratory endurance can be measured by repeating round-trip running and resting, and depending on the number of times and intensity, it can also be an effective means of improving endurance.

Coach Guus Hiddink, who led the team to the semifinals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, appointed Raymond Verhejen as a physical coach, and the training was introduced by him. Verhejen is a person who has since grown into a giant in the world of physical training. Shuttle runs, which have recently become popular, are also used in various employment exams and school physical education classes that require a physical fitness test.

During national team training, the shuttle run announcement, familiar to many Koreans, was broadcast. However, unlike the Shuttle Run broadcast used in domestic schools, it was in English and did not contain interesting elements such as music that were considerate of students. After the English announcement, there was a monotonous ringtone, a countdown sound, and a message indicating which stage was being performed.

The difference was that there was equipment to measure the players’ heart rates. In the past, it was measured by the number of times you could make a round trip, but recently soccer players are wearing measuring devices. The national team’s shuttle run was conducted only 25 times, covering a distance of 20 meters in 10 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds. The number of times was too low for the players to get tired. However, you can know your cardiorespiratory endurance by how quickly your heart rate rises and falls. After the shuttle run, the players wandered around the area for a while to recover and then moved on to the next drill, handling the ball.

Recently, shuttle runs are often omitted in professional or national teams of all levels. This is because various physical data, such as recovery and strength,바카라 can be automatically collected through GPS equipment that is routinely worn during games and training.

Coach Klinsmann has been famous for placing importance on physical training since his debut as coach with the German national team in 2004. The American way is to not only improve the physical strength of players, but also measure physical strength through various means and reflect this in player evaluation. Jumping ability, leaping ability, resilience, and various physical characteristics, which are rarely noticed in European soccer, are key evaluation factors in American sports starting from the draft. The public is also curious about this, and it is often covered in sports analysis programs.

Coach Klinsmann is known to have planned to measure various physical abilities of players, including long jump distance. Having a separate time to measure cardiorespiratory endurance also reminds us of Coach Klinsmann’s assessment that it is ‘American-style’.

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