Klinsmann, who completely defeated Tunisia, takes a day off… Reconvened in Suwon on the 15th

 Klinsmann-ho, who reported his first win at home against Tunisia, takes a sweet day off.

The national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, won 4-0 in a friendly match against Tunisia held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th with Lee Kang-in’s multiple goals, Hwang Ui-jo’s additional goal, and the opponent’s own goal.

With this, Coach Klinsmann, who made his debut last March, achieved his first win at home. In addition, they continued their two-game winning streak following their victory (1-0)먹튀검증 against Saudi Arabia in Newcastle, England last September.

The national team, which showed good progress, plans to take a full day of rest before preparing for the game against Vietnam on the 17th.

An official from the Korea Football Association (KFA) said after the Tunisia match, “Coach Klinsmann granted the players a night out,” and added, “We plan to rest on the 14th and then be summoned to Suwon on the morning of the 15th.”

As a result, Klinsmann, who had been at Paju NFC since the 9th, will spend the remainder of October in Suwon. Suwon is the venue for the friendly match between Korea and Vietnam.

Vietnam, which Korea will face, is a team that is inferior to Korea in terms of objective power, and Korea is far ahead in its historical record with 17 wins, 5 draws, and 2 losses in 24 matches. The most recent match was in September 2004, when Korea won 2-1 with goals from Lee Dong-gook and Lee Cheon-soo.

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