Balotelli, angry at Zlatan’s provocation, “He’s not a genius” “What can I do when I don’t even win the Champions League?”

 ‘Devil’s talent’ Mario Balotelli immediately responded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who criticized him.

According to France’s RMC Sports, Balotelli tagged Ibrahimovic’s account when posting a photo of him lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy with Inter Milan on his personal SNS on the 15th (Korean time). It was clearly a post aimed at Ibrahimovic.

The reason Balotelli mentioned Ibrahimovic is because Ibrahimovic touched Balotelli first. According to the media, Ibrahimovic was recently asked to compare AC Milan striker Rafael Leao and Balotelli, and gave Leao’s hand in favor.

“Leant is a genius. He is the only player who sees certain things on the pitch,” Ibrahimovic said, raising Leao’s hand. “This is why Leao is on the pitch and Balotelli is in the stands. Balotelli wasted talent and opportunity. “This is the truth,” he said, criticizing Balotelli’s laziness.

“Balotelli had many opportunities to use his talent and change the future, but he missed them all. There are so many players waiting for these opportunities. Balotelli wasted those opportunities,” Balotelli said. He added that he was on the path to downfall.

Balotelli was furious at Ibrahimovic’s claims. Balotelli mocked Ibrahimovic by posting a photo of him holding the Champions League trophy on social media.

Ibrahimovic, who played as a legendary striker in Sweden, did not experience winning the Champions League throughout his career. On the other hand, Balotelli reached the top of the Champions League with Inter Milan at the age of 19. Balotelli discovered Ibrahimovic’s only weakness.

The two players worked together at Inter Milan from 2006 to 2009. Balotelli was just a prospect, and Ibrahimovic was a leading striker in Serie A who came from Juventus as a key striker.메이저놀이터

However, Ibrahimovic left Inter Milan and headed to Barcelona to win the Champions League. At that time, Barcelona had enjoyed its best season since Pep Guardiola took office, winning six trophies, including a treble.

Coincidentally, Inter Milan immediately lifted the Champions League trophy after Ibrahimovic left. They even defeated Barcelona, ​​where Ibrahimovic played, in the semifinals.

Balotelli played in eight Champions League games and helped Inter Milan win the title, while Ibrahimovic had to watch from afar. After one season, he left Barcelona and moved to AC Milan. The move to Barcelona was a complete failure.

Balotelli also did not grow normally. He got into trouble for causing all kinds of incidents and accidents. Balotelli, who was unable to show his talent even after joining Manchester City, played for OGC Nice, Olympique Marseille, and is currently playing for Turkye Adana Demirspor.

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