“Confidence in McIlroy’s advice… “I decided to become the best in the world.”

England national team member Kim Dong-han receives
3 wins, 1 draw, and a draw in the Junior Ryder Cup,
attracting attention not only from Europe but from around the world.

Now the golf world beyond Europe is paying attention. Kim Dong-han (17, Chris Kim) gave victory to the European team in the Junior Ryder Cup with 3 wins and 1 draw. Last August, he reached the top of the R&A Boys Amateur Championship, one of the most prestigious amateur competitions, and earned the pleasant nickname of the European Team Ace of the Junior Ryder Cup.

Born and raised in England through his parents’ business, Kim Dong-han’s recent growth rate has been tremendous. Selected as a member of the England national team for the first time last year, he has emerged as a promising player, ranked high in every competition he participates in.

His most memorable competition was the Junior Ryder Cup, which ended last month. Selected as a representative of the European team, he achieved 3 wins and 1 draw in 4 games, gaining confidence that he would not be defeated by any player. Kim Dong-han said, “I still vividly remember the moment I hit my first tee shot in front of a large crowd. I worked really hard to help the team, and the results came out better than I expected. “I think the experiences I had at the Junior Ryder Cup will be of great help even after I become a professional golfer,” he explained.

There was also a special time that made Kim Dong-han’s heart beat. It is a meeting with European team leaders Luke Donald (England), Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), and Viktor Hovland (Norway). He said, “It was amazing to see in person the players I had only seen on TV. “We talked about various things, including what to do as a professional golfer ahead of the tournament,” he said. “I gained confidence from the encouragement that I was doing well.” “I will definitely become the best player in the world someday, like McIlroy and Hovland,” he pledged.

Kim Dong-han, who finished the 2023 season, is now starting preparations for the next season. Kim Dong-han, who was receiving guidance from his mother Seo Ji-hyun, who played on the U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour, the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA)먹튀검증 Tour, and the Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour, briefly began refining his swing with swing coach Lee Si-woo in Korea. do. He said, “I don’t think he should be satisfied just because he performed well this year. He is trying harder as he still has a lot to achieve. “He plans to train with Coach Lee in Korea and then prepare for next season in earnest in England,” he said.

Kim Dong-han, who has been recognized for his extraordinary potential and is receiving sponsorship from CJ Group, Under Armor, and Taylor Made, is dreaming of competing on the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour. He said, “I want to become a player who competes for a long time on the PGA Tour, not a player who plays well as an amateur and then disappears,” and added, “It won’t be easy, but I also have a desire to become number one in the world rankings. “I will continue to challenge myself until I make the dream he holds in his heart a reality,” he said.

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