Waiting for a new season with a difference, He Ye “trained myself to be tough”

“We trained so much that we were proud of ourselves”

The Cheongju KB Stars’ 2023-2024 season kickoff ceremony was held at Cheongju Gymnasium on March 21. The event was attended by 600 fans, who cheered the KB players on to the start of the new season.

Heo Ye-eun, who participated in the event, said, “I can’t believe the season is already here. I’ve been excited since a few days ago because I had the opportunity to be so close to the fans. I had a lot of fun and I hope the fans enjoyed it as well.”

The event featured a variety of events organized by KB Stars. Among them, what was the most impressive scene for Heo Ye-eun?

“It was all memorable, but I think the most powerful was when (YoonA) sang a song,”토토사이트 Heo smiled.

After a shocking fifth-place finish last season, KB Stars began their offseason training early to prepare for the season.

“We started the off-season first, and it was really long. Sometimes I was tired because of the long hours,” Heo laughed, “but I think it also gave me more love for the team and more time to breathe with the coach. I think it was good in many ways,” he added.

The team’s last season was a disappointing one, both individually and as a team, so this season they will be even more determined.

“We know ourselves best,” said Heo Ye-eun. We were disappointed and not good enough. I’ve been very hard on myself this off-season to make sure I don’t repeat that again. I hope the fans will have a lot of expectations from me,” she said.

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