Underdog rebellion ARI vs TEX ‘WS clash with expected win rate – 50%’

Before this season opens. Could anyone have imagined a World Series matchup between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers?

Arizona and Texas will play the final match of the best-of-seven series for the World Series championship starting on the 28th (Korean time). The home stadium, Advantage, is located in Texas.

These are all teams that advanced to the postseason as wild cards메이저놀이터. In particular, Arizona advanced to the postseason as the 6th seed in the National League and advanced to the World Series.

What is more surprising than being a wild card team is their performance last year and their expected ranking before the season. They only recorded winning percentages of 0.457 and 0.420, respectively, last year.

This is 4th place in the National League West Division and the American League West Division. The gap with the district’s first place was 37 and 38 games, respectively.

Additionally, Baseball Prospectors predicted in February that Arizona and Texas would remain in fourth place in the division this season. 74-88 and 78-84.

However, they advanced to the postseason as a wild card and won 9 wins in 3 series to advance to the World Series.

Now all they have left is four wins in the World Series. What remains to be seen is whether it will be Arizona’s second win or Texas’ first win since its founding.

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