Gimcheon Sangmu ahead of ‘Jeong Jeong-yong derby’ — aiming for sixth straight home win

Gimcheon Sangmu, who have become stronger at home since the appointment of Chung Jeong-yong, will face off against Chung’s former club, Seoul Eland, at home.카지노

Gimcheon will look to defend their top spot with a sixth consecutive home win when they take on Seoul Eland FC in the 26th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Gimcheon Sports Complex on 15 August at 7pm on Liberation Day.

With a recent five-game home winning streak, Gimcheon have been dominant at home this season, with a 7-for-7 home winning percentage.

With seven wins and two draws in their last nine games, Gimcheon Sangmu have lost to Gimpo and Anyang in between their winning streaks, but given that those were all on the road, Gimcheon are unbeaten at home since Jung Jung-yong took over as head coach.

With 45 points on the board, four points off the second-placed group, Gimcheon will look to consolidate their top spot with a home game against 11th-placed Seoul Eland and a home win streak.

Head coach Jung Jeong-yong, who has the team on a good run, talked about the upcoming match against his former club, Seoul E-Land, saying, “There is a saying that it is the Jung Jeong-yong Derby, but I don’t feel pressured. I’m more concerned about the team’s winning streak than anything else, so I’ll do my best to win,” he said, expressing his determination to focus on the home win streak.

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