[College Soccer]’Challenge to win 2nd straight title’ Daegu Art University, Pajuk’s 3rd straight win ‘joins tournament’

Daegu Art University enters the tournament with three straight wins.바카라 Daegu University of the Arts, led by head coach Lee Chang-won, won 4-1 against Nambu University in the final match of Group 11 of the 59th Autumn University Football Championship Baekdu Intermediate at Taebaek Sports Park in Gangwon Province on Friday. Lee Hyun-se scored two goals to lead the team to victory. Daegu National University of the Arts advanced to the tournament by beating Daegu National University (3-2), Donggang University (4-0), and Nambu University. Daegu Art University is aiming to win its second consecutive title after last year.

There were several one-sided, high-scoring matches on the day. Sungsil University swept Gunjang University 7-0, while Sangji University defeated Dongwon University 7-1. Jeonju University defeated Kangdong University 6-0.

◇59th Chuseok University Football League Baekdu Daeganggi Group Stage Final (15th)

Jeju International University 5-1 Yeonsung University

Gimcheon University 5-0 Korea Golf University

Soongsil University 7-0 Gunjang University

Ulsan National University 6-1 Hankuk International University

Dongwon University 2-2 Seoul National University

Yongin University 4-1 Chonnam National University of Science

Kwangwoon University 2-0 Sehan University

Halla University 1-0 Kaya University

Chonnam National University 6-0 Kangdong University

Catholic Kanto University 2-0 Jangan University

Daegu National University of Arts 4-1 Nambu University

Shinsung University 4-3 Daekyung University

Myeongji University 4-0 Youngnam University

Incheon National University 2-1 Widok University

Kyung Hee University 1-0 Dongwon University

Jeonju National University 4-1 Baejae University

Chung-Ang University 1-0 Kangseo University

Kwangju University 5-0 Kyungmin University

Konkuk University 4-0 Chosun University of Technology

Sangji 7-1 Dongwon University

Daejeon National University 1-0 Donggang University

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