Commissioner Silver to lead NBA until 2029

The term of Adam Silver (61), the commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), will be extended until 2029.꽁머니지급

USA Today reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), “According to an official who requested anonymity, Commissioner Silver and NBA board members have agreed to extend their terms until the end of the 2020s.” Commissioner Silver took office in 2014. The specific terms of the renewal of the contract, such as annual salary, are not known.

Silver has been reappointed because NBA revenues have increased significantly. When Silver first took office 10 years ago, salary caps were 63 million dollars per team, but more than doubled to 136 million dollars this season. Salary caps, or players’ annual salaries, mean that their earnings have increased accordingly.

Silver held an in-season tournament in the form of a cup competition during this season, and is said to have improved various systems, including adjustment of draft picks, to induce positive changes. He was also recognized for his ability to prevent and coordinate friction by maintaining a smooth relationship with the players’ union.

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