Correa ranks second on shortstop ‘nuisance’ list…Bleacher Report names MLB All-Nuisance Team “28 players totaled $72.79 billion in salary and had a minus-9.5 bWAR”

Kim Ha-Sung (San Diego Padres) is on pace for a career-high salary of $7 million this year.

But his bWAR (wins above replacement) is 5.8 as of Tuesday, which ranks fourth in MLB. He’s already far exceeded his price tag.

But there are plenty of players who aren’t worth their weight in gold.

According to Sportrac, there are more than 155 players making more than $10 million in salary this year.

바카라 We’ve compiled a list of the 28 worst offenders. The MLB All-Time Offensive Team. It consists of two outfielders and two designated hitters per position, five starting pitchers, and five relievers.

Their combined annualized salaries total $542 million ($72.79 billion). However, their cumulative bWAR is minus 9.5, Bleacher Report said.

Carlos Correa (Minnesota Twins), who makes $33.3 million this year, ranks second among shortstops with a bWAR of 1.3.

Here’s a list of the worst and next worst players by position.

Worst: Yasmani Grandal ($18.25 million), bWAR minus 0.3

Next best: Christian Vazquez ($10 million), bWAR minus 0.2

◇ First base
Worst: Jose Abreu ($19.5 million), bWAR minus 1.0
Best: Reese Hoskins ($12 million), did not play

Second base
Worst: Colton Wong ($10 million), bWAR minus 1.3
Best: Tommy La Stella ($11.5 million), bWAR minus 0.1

◇ Third base
Worst: Anthony Landon ($38.6 million), bWAR 0.1
Best: Josh Donaldson ($21 million), bWAR 0.1

◇ Shortstop
Worst: Tim Anderson ($12.5 million), bWAR minus 1.7
Best: Carlos Correa ($33.33 million), bWAR 1.3

Left field
Worst: Kyle Schwarber ($20 million), bWAR minus 0.6
Best: Michael Brantley ($12 million), did not play

◇ Center field
Worst: Aaron Hicks ($10.5 million), bWAR minus 0.6
Best: Byron Buxton ($15.1 million), bWAR 0.6

◇ Right field
Worst: Kris Bryant ($28 million), bWAR minus 0.6

◇ Designated hitter
Worst: Miguel Cabrera ($32 million), bWAR minus 0.1
Worst: Giancarlo Stanton ($32 million), bWAR minus 0.1

◇ Starting pitchers

Worst: Stephen Strasburg ($35 million), did not start
1st worst: Madison Bumgarner ($23 million), bWAR minus 0.7
2nd worst: Carlos Rodon ($22.8 million), bWAR minus 0.5
3rd: Robbie Ray ($21 million), bWAR minus 0.2
4th: Adam Wainwright ($17.5 million), bWAR minus 2.3

◇ Relievers
Worst: Edwin Diaz ($19.65 million), didn’t start
1st worst: Liam Hendricks ($14.3 million), bWAR minus 0 1
2nd worst: Rafael Montero ($11.5 million), bWAR minus 0.5
3rd: Robert Suarez ($10 million), bWAR minus 0.2

4th: Drew Pomeranz ($10 million), did not play

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