Director Kim Dong-jin, who lays the foundation for becoming a master in Hong Kong, is the ‘big picture’ he draws

There is always a concern about who was next to Lee Young-pyo and Song Jong-guk, the main players of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals, in the line of defenders on the side of Korean soccer.

There are resources who have faithfully performed their roles even though they have not been able to achieve better World Cup performances than them. On the left hand side, Park Ju-ho, Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk Hyundai), and Hong Cheol (Daegu FC), who retired this year, made their names known for a long time.

Notably, there are not many resources available that have played as both defenders on the right and left sides. Kim Dong-jin (41), who passed Anyang LG, FC Seoul, Ulsan Hyundai, and Seoul E-Land and played in the 2006 Germany and 2010 South Africa World Cup, is considered a player who defended his position well during the transition period.월카지노

On the 13th, Kitch beat Lion City 2-0 in an away match in Singapore to win the final 2023-24 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) group match. Earlier, he lost 1-2 in the fifth home match against Jeonbuk Hyundai on the 29th of last month, but he showed quite impressive leadership in his official managerial debut, not as an acting manager.

Of course, it was difficult for Kitsch to overcome Jeonbuk’s teamwork. Jeong Tae-wook sent off just before the end of the first half and scored one goal by aggressively managing the game at a time when the team was outnumbered, but that was the best he could do. He missed the last-minute shot and couldn’t even get a draw. “Kitsch still has a lot to learn,” coach Kim said about the situation. It is his impressions of the players he coaches, but in the end, it is like saying to himself as a beginner leader.

The match against Jeonbuk was Kim’s debut match as an official coach. When asked if he was acting as an assistant manager at the Kitch Club House the next day, he explained that he could lead the team even if he had an A license. He was lucky enough to be on the bench as the chairman of the team played well in the ACL. He still needs time to get a P license, which is the highest level in his leadership qualifications.

Still, it is valuable from the perspective of Korea to stay in Hong Kong for a long time and build leadership. His English has improved considerably, and he is communicating skillfully with not only players but also coaching and support staff. “Players have strong faith in the coach. That’s how strong he is,” said Kim Shin-wook, a former national team striker who failed to play in the match against Jeonbuk due to injury, expressing his trust in the coach.

Hong Kong is a special administrative district of China, so unlike in the past, it has shrunk a lot. The political situation has made residents cringe. Soccer is not unaffected. When the Chinese national anthem rings in Hong Kong’s A-match, there are many spectators who turn a blind eye to it. It is a symbolic scene that shows the considerable antipathy against mainland China.

However, soccer still has the image of the days when England’s influence was great in the past. There are many dual citizens, so thoughts and expressions are free. The framework set by current Malaysian national soccer team coach Kim Pan-gon called “Hong Kong Hiddink” is currently maintained. The result is that the team has grown into a team that is not easily defeated even after fighting China. In addition, they are open to the world, so they can harmonize free thinking with each other.

“There are a lot of dual citizenship players in the Hong Kong league. There are some Chinese players, but there are a lot of Brazilian players. Everyone is open to their thoughts. When Korea goes in one direction, it follows the direction, but here, it has its own thoughts. Soccer has roots that he has learned, so he tries to show that way at first. So, he says whatever he wants to say, “Let’s do it this way,” “I don’t like this way,” etc. That’s how a tactic and strategy are made.”

Coach Kim, who entered the leadership immediately after retiring from active duty in 2019 and accepted it after receiving a coach proposal from Chairman Kitch. Of course, I wanted to play more in my career, but Lee Young-pyo, who came as a team legend as Borussia Dortmund (Germany) came to play against Liverpool in Hong Kong to change his direction.

“I was thinking about extending my career to Hong Kong. My club told me about my coach position. Then, Young-pyo Lee came to Hong Kong. He asked me, “What is the benefit of having one more year as a player?” How much more can I earn if I have to earn? Did my players your age not start teaching? I met them every day for three days, had dinner and talked with them, and I thought I should stop now, so I told the club. I was very lucky to retire because Manchester City played a retirement game. How could the best team in the world have come to Hong Kong and imagine my retirement? I’m so grateful.”

Kim is a devout Protestant. When he scored a goal during his active career, he often performed knee prayer ceremonies. As such, his commitment to religion in a foreign country is deeper. As I have lived a life of gratitude for everything, my plans for life have become clearer. I am preparing for the next step in a calm and not in a hurry.

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