“It’s hard to understand that I only ranked 6th.” The sincerity of KIA’s 29-year-old defensive king… LG’s opponent in 2024? It’s impossible

KIA Tigers’ “defensive king” Park Chan-ho (29) expressed regret over his team’s performance during the 2023 season. In a video clip that was released on Kia’s YouTube channel Gyativ TV on Monday, Park had a “meal talk” with Lee Eui-ri (22) and Choi Ji-min (21).월카지노

When the production team asked him to reflect on this season, Park said, “It’s a shame that the team only ranked sixth. I can’t understand that.” He didn’t have the capacity to rank sixth, but the ending was too bad. Other members would agree with Park.

Appearing on the baseball YouTube channel “Baseball Steamed” in late December last year, Park Chan-ho cited the rise of his main players, including him, and the sluggish performance of foreign pitchers as the reasons for the sixth place. Without injury issues, he confidently said that if foreign pitchers do their part, they can challenge to win the Korean Series.

This also makes sense. KIA was ranked second after LG Twins in various batting indicators for the 2023 season. When looking at the power of its best lineup, it is not lagging behind LG at all. However, due to injuries sustained by Na Sung-bum, Kim Do-young, Park Chan-ho, and Choi Hyung-woo, there were not many games where the best lineup was operated.

Injuries are all about skills and performance. In the end, we have to prove our results by numbers and performances. Except for Kim Do-young, who emerged in the finals of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship in November last year, all of the main players are expected to play in the opening game on March 23. If Kim prepares well, he can expect a full-time season next year for the first time in three years.

The remaining of FA Kim Sun-bin is a variable here. In the end, the year was over. There are differences in the detailed provisions, but neither side has a retreat. We need each other, and we should not break up. We have some time left until the Canberra Spring Camp departs (30 days), so we need to find a compromise.

After all, the most important factor for Kia this season is foreign pitchers. Kia has still not signed any contracts with two foreign pitchers. Given the current rules for recruiting foreign players, it is difficult to select two foreign pitchers with new faces and even that, given the U.S. market conditions. Still, Kia seems to be taking prudence as it cannot select anyone.

Thomas Panorra wanted to buy insurance, but he returned to the U.S. after signing a minor contract with the Chicago Cubs. If he has to hire a better pitcher than Panorra anyway, it is no big deal to worry about. Rumors have it that Shim Jae-hak is focusing on recruiting foreign pitchers this winter. In this regard, chances are high that his fate will be decided primarily this season.

It is impossible to play with best members and best lineups in all 144 games. Still, the power of best members is very important in both long-term and post-season games. Will KIA be able to show its power this year? Will it be able to win the title of “LG rival?” There is nothing impossible.

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