Kim Se-hyun, Ha Jae-hoon, Save King’s confidence. Yoo Young-chan’s closing plan for the “first time” is “We are ready” [Jamsil Interview]

Closing pitcher Ko Woo-suk’s San Diego Padres contract. It is a happy occasion to create pride with the LG Twins’ first major leaguer production.

On the contrary, however, LG Electronics lost the best closing pitcher in Korea. The team immediately suffered a huge loss in its bid to win the title for two consecutive years. LG is considered the strongest bullpen, but it needs to find a solid finish to win the title this season. LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop picked Yoo Young-chan as a new closing pitcher.헤라카지노도메인

He is truly a beginner. Yoo Young-chan, who graduated from Bae Myung-go and Konkuk University and joined LG as the 43rd player in the second round of the fifth round in 2020, joined the first team for the first time last year and secured a spot in the must-win group. He recorded six wins, three losses, one save and 12 holds with an ERA of 3.44 in 67 games.

He displayed his strong mentality and potential as a closing pitcher in the Korean Series. In Game 2 on Nov. 8, he contributed to his team’s come-from-behind victory by allowing two hits, two strikeouts and no run during two ⅓ innings, and in Game 3 on Nov. 10, he garnered one hit, one walk, two strikeouts and two runs during two innings. In Game 5 on Sunday, he allowed two hits, two strikeouts and one run during one ⅔ inning, and recorded three hits and one run in six innings in three games in the Korean Series.

Coach Yeom chose Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan when he decided to give 10 million won in prize money at his own expense, except for the Korean Series MVP at the time. It was natural to pick Park Dong-won, who hit a home run that turned the tide of the series in Game 2, but since Yoo Young-chan’s pitching was also huge, coach Yeom picked two people, so he raised the prize money to 20 million won and gave each of them 10 million won.

Yeom said Yoo Young-chan has a good fastball, breaking ball, and mental capability needed to be a closer. “He has a fastball that is close to a power pitch. He can increase the speed by 1-2 kilometers compared to the current speed. I think he can develop.” “If he throws a forkball (Yoo Young-chan said he was a splitter rather than a forkball), he can become a successful pitcher who can save more than 30 saves in the league if he increases the level of completion at the spring camp,” Yeom said highly of Yoo’s potential as a closer.

In particular, he gave high marks to the mental part. Closing pitcher is a position that emphasizes mental strength because mental burden is greater than other bullpen pitchers. “Yoo Young-chan also got good marks for the coaching staff in terms of mental strength that is necessary for closing pitcher,” manager Yeom said. “He has no experience as a closing pitcher, but he is highly likely to succeed while taking responsibility for establishing a position this season.”

Yeom said he needs to make the process of becoming a closing pitcher well and that he and the coaching staff will make it for him. “Pitchers aren’t always good from the beginning,” Yeom said. “That doesn’t mean that the player is holding out. Whether the club, the manager, and the coaching staff support, endure, and overcome it is important to nurture the players and establish themselves.” “When a player is in trouble, if the coach, the club, and the coaches trust him and give him time, he can overcome the crisis and succeed. We are ready for that,” he said, expressing confidence that he can nurture Yoo as a finishing pitcher.

Manager Yeom has already successfully cultivated a “first-time” finish in the past. In 2016, when Son Seung-rak was a member of the Nexen Heroes, he used Kim Se-hyun as a new closer after moving to the Lotte Giants, and Kim Se-hyun, who did not have a single save before, became the save king with 36 saves that year. In 2019, when he was the manager of the SK Wyverns, he used Ha Jae-hoon as the closing pitcher, and Ha Jae-hoon also became the save king with 36 saves. Manager Yeom, who showed excellent ability to grow bullpen pitchers, such as making Han Hyun-hee and Lee Bo-geun the hold king, made the LG bullpen the strongest last year, and even though the domestic starters were weak, he eventually led the team to the regular season and the Korean Series championship.

“I think (Yoo) Young-chan will do it to some extent. Of course, baseball doesn’t go as you think, so Young-chan may have a hard time,” Yeom said. “I will come out and help the coaching staff overcome the difficulties, so I will put him in the final position.”

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