“Last pitch up…” Baek Jeong-hyun’s elbow and wider body pain Park Jin-man’s coach is also ‘upset’ .

“It’s time to raise the final pitch…”

The bad news keeps coming for Samsung at the end of the season. Baek Jung-hyun (36) has an elbow problem, and Taylor Widener (29) is suddenly unable to pitch due to body aches. Manager Park Jin-man (47) is also frustrated.

먹튀검증Widener suddenly got sick today, and we couldn’t adjust the roster because it happened on the day,” Park said ahead of the 2023 KBO League regular season game against KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Aug. 31.

He continued, “We don’t know when he will pitch yet. We need to see how he feels. I think it will get better in two or three days, and I think he will be fine for next week.”

Samsung’s Baek Jung-hyun. Go Chuck | Kang Young-jo kanjo@sportsseoul.com

The starting pitcher is sick for the second day in a row. The day before, Baek Jung-hyun felt something wrong with his elbow. He pitched alone in the bullpen in the rain to check the condition of his arm. Then he was dropped from the roster.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “Baek Jung-hyun also needs to check his condition. He had a sore elbow once in the first half. According to him, it’s the same area that was bad in the first half, but when he tested it, he said it was a little worse compared to then.” Park explained.

“I’m going to keep checking on it. I haven’t gone to the hospital yet. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I’ve been having trouble starting. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to get the last pitch up and the injury comes out.”

The good news is that David Buchanan is recovering well. He missed one start with bile in his neck and then his back. He’s feeling much better now.

Samsung Buchanan. Literature | Park Jin-up upandup@sportsseoul.com

Manager Park Jin-man said, “Buchanan played catch today. He’s improved a lot. He will pitch in the bullpen tomorrow. If there is no problem here, he will start the game on Sunday.”

If Buchanan is healthy, Samsung will go with Choi Chae-heung, Won Tae-in, and Buchanan for the three-game series against NC this weekend.

Meanwhile, with Widener unavailable, Samsung will start Hong Jung-woo. Long innings are difficult anyway. Suddenly, it’s a bullpen day.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “We have to use the bullpen today. I’m going to cut it short with pitches rather than innings. Hong Jung-woo is looking at around 30 pitches.”

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