Manager Kim Jong-guk’s controversy “Shocked, embarrassed” “I’m surprised that I didn’t inform the club.”··Reaction from the baseball community

The baseball community is shocked by the allegation that KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-kook accepted bribes. Regardless of whether Kim and former KIA team leader Jang Jung-seok will be arrested or not, the allegation itself seems to have taken a toll.헤라카지노도메인

“It’s amazing that he didn’t let the team know even after being investigated by the prosecution,” the team’s general manager said. “Regardless of the team’s stance, there is a basic ethical standard that a leader must have. If you are a coach, you should recognize the importance of your position.”

“If the club had decided to suspend his duties, would it have confirmed the allegations to some extent?” an official from the club said. “It’s disappointing that Kim didn’t hide it and inform the club.” A source from the club said, “It’s embarrassing. There are many rumors going around. We are closely watching what direction the incident (involving former team leader Jang Jung-seok) will take and where it will spark.”

Some say that the investigation situation remains to be seen. “We are cautious because the details of the investigation are not released yet. In fact, (if the allegations are confirmed), the club would have immediately replaced (Kim Jong-guk), but since the suspension of his duties, it seems that they are holding off on judging him.” “We have no choice but to make conservative judgments right now. We are cautious because the KIA team has not revealed the details,” a source from the club said.

No matter how the controversy ends, the impact on the baseball community will be significant. “It is shocking that such news broke out ahead of the spring camp departure. I am cautious about mentioning other club situations, but there seems to be something to be supplemented,” F said. “There is a process for players’ deviations, but it is true that we have not come up with clear regulations regarding high-ranking officials or coaches of the club.”

“Both baseball players and the baseball community should be alert (to the recent controversy over various KBO games). If we want to play clean baseball, what has happened in the shadow area should disappear,” a D source said.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) also appears to be in shock. A KBO official said, “This is a big deal. I have received a report from the KIA team. The KBO is investigating the facts through various channels.” “Apart from the suspension of the team’s duties, the KBO can hold a reward and punishment committee to discuss disciplinary actions, including participation activities, depending on the progress of the investigation. We are monitoring the situation.”

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