Manchester City promising player who was kicked out by Pep manager → After 7 years, he transformed into a ‘sword of revenge’ to Pep… and made a comeback in EPL → Wearing Bournemouth uniform, they will face off against the ‘friendly team’ on February 25th

Enes Wijnall (26), an 18-year-old striker who plays for Manchester City in the English Premier League in 2015, thought he had a good future ahead of him. When he was called by the Premier League club Manchester City at the age of 18, everyone believed so. At the time, Manchester City paid 2 million pounds to recruit him.

Wijnall already made his debut as a 16-year-old Turkiyen professional team, Bursafort. After watching him score four goals in 35 games, Manchester City recruited him.

However, he was listed in the Manchester City’s first team squad for two years, but he did not play in a single game and just kept his position. In fact, he left for another team on loan right away, so he did not play well in Manchester City.

Eventually, two years later, he quit his career at Manchester City and left for Villarreal in La Liga, Spain. At that time, the transfer fee was 12 million pounds. He played well for the rental team in his own way. Seven years after leaving Manchester City, Winal made his comeback to the Premier League 월카지노도메인.

The Daily Star reported on the 3rd that the youth star of Manchester City turned into a goal machine after seven years and moved to Bournemouth in the Premier League for a fee of 14 million pounds. To be exact, he will join Bournemouth on loan this season and completely transfer after the season.

According to the article, Winal was once famous as a prospect for Manchester City. However, it was forgotten for a long time after leaving the Premier League, but he moved to the Premier League at the deadline of his transfer. Seven years after he left, he moved to Bournemouth in the Premier League. Starting this month, Winal will play against his old team in the match against Manchester City, according to the article. The two teams will face off at Dean Court, Bournemouth’s home stadium, on Feb. 25.

Winal doesn’t seem to get along very well with Pep Guardiola. This is because Guardiola took over as the head coach of Manchester City, so he didn’t get a lot of chances. That’s why he left the team and returned to EPL after seven years.

Winal, coincidentally, played as a striker for Getafe with Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United prospect.

Wijnall faced a crisis in May last year with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. He returned in December after missing seven months, leading Getafe’s attack. Bournemouth hope Wijnall will sharpen his team’s offense by working with Solanke, its main striker.

Bournemouth has jumped from the relegation zone to the mid-range zone (12th). Bournemouth coach Andorini Iraola reportedly devised a plan to further strengthen his offense and prevent it from going downwards. He sought out a player who would strengthen his team’s offense ahead of the transfer market, and recruited Wijnal on the last day.

Winal is also a member of the Turkiye national team. He played for all ages as a member of the adult national team and played in a total of 32 matches.

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