Meet ‘Honey Chemistry’…Lee Kang-in “Why are you playing instead of working out?” Song Min-gyu “I’m not playing, I’m sick…” [AG scene].

When they meet, their chemistry is as sweet as honey. Song Min-kyu, who is showing ‘honey chemistry’ with Lee Kang-in, shared an anecdote about the past two days with Lee Kang-in.

The Asian Games team, led by coach Hwang Sun-hong, held a training session at Jinhua No. 1 Middle School in Jinhua, China, at 8 p.m. (KST) on Nov. 23 to prepare for the match against Bahrain. It was the final training session before the men’s football Group E final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Thursday at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium.

The team, which is attempting to become the first team in history to win three consecutive titles at the Games, got off to a flying start after scoring a total of 13 goals in the first and second rounds to top the group and secure a spot in the round of 16. While the final match against Bahrain is not a win-or-lose affair, Hwang plans to use it to test out players who have not played much and the late addition of Lee Kang-in.

Song Min-kyu is the only player who hasn’t played a single match, apart from Lee Kang-in, who joined the team late. It’s not that he hasn’t been playing well. He had been showing signs of injury since he was called up to the national team earlier this month, so he focused on his recovery.

After watching his teammates perform from the bench during Games 1 and 2, Song Min-kyu is ready to play against Bahrain.바카라 He has already spoken to coach Hwang Sun-hong and expressed his desire to play.

Speaking to the media during the team’s training session, Song said, “Yesterday, during training, the coach asked me how I was feeling. I said, ‘I’ve almost recovered without any pain. The coach asked me, ‘Can you play in the next game?’ I said yes,” he said, revealing that he has fully recovered from his injury.

In addition to Song, Lee Kang-in, who joined the national team somewhat late, will also be given his first chance to play in Bahrain. At the request of his club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Lee did not step foot on Hangzhou soil until the 21st, the day of the second group game against Thailand. With the need to maximize Lee’s usage ahead of the tournament, Hwang is likely to give him a chance to play, even if it’s only for a short time.

Song Min-kyu has been one of the players Lee Kang-in has pranked the most, and most often, since joining the national team. Against Thailand, he was seen hugging Lee hard after the game, grabbing him by the hair and shaking him as he came down to the field. Lee Kang-in laughed and accepted the prank, showing that the two players have a strong bond.

During the team training on the 22nd, Song Min-kyu and Lee Kang-in were organized in the same group. They did light stretching and passing drills to check their physical condition. When their passes didn’t go well and were interrupted, they teased each other and showed their chemistry. Whenever they meet, their playfulness explodes.

When the press visited the training center, Song Min-gyu said, “Yesterday and today, you were seen joking around with Lee Kang-in. What were you talking about?

“He said, ‘Why do you keep playing instead of working out,'” Song Min-gyu laughed, “and I said, ‘I’m not playing, my brother is sick.'” “He said, ‘Come back and play quickly. We’ve been joking around like that.”

The two players also trained with the same group. They warmed up with a ball-tossing (rondo) drill. When the ball was stolen, both players would actively press. When they got the ball back, they would argue with each other about whether they were hit by a foot or a hand.

It will be interesting to see if Song Min-kyu and Lee Kang-in, who are always joking around and showing their ‘honey chemistry’, will be able to show their fantastic chemistry together against Bahrain.

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