NPB’s Only Unsigned Loki Sasaki Ends With Chiba Lotte

Sasaki Rocky (23), a right-handed pitcher of the Chiba Lotte Marines of the Japanese professional baseball who refused to comply with the contract by requesting permission to advance to the U.S. Major League Baseball, seems to have raised the white flag in the end.월카지노도메인

Chiba Lotte said on Wednesday afternoon that it had agreed on a contract with Loki Sasaki. However, it did not provide details of the contract. The club said it plans to hold a press conference in the near future, when questions will likely be answered to some extent.

Fans’ supportive comments continued on the club’s social media, which reported the news of the contract with Sasaki.

According to major Japanese media reports, Sasaki was the only unsigned player among 12 Japanese professional baseball (NPB) players. Despite the opening of the spring camp on March 1, he ran in parallel with his team over the issue of advancing to the U.S. It has been reported that the players’ union, the NPB Players Association, has also withdrawn. However, it has not been confirmed whether the withdrawal of the players’ union is related to their advance to the U.S.

Sasaki has expressed his hope to advance to the Major League this offseason. However, Chiba Lotte did not allow it.

Non-Americans under the age of 25 who did not go through the rookie draft can only sign minor league contracts to advance to the Major League. Compared to the posting system, players and clubs can receive very little money. Players can receive up to 5.75 million dollars in down payment, and former clubs can only receive up to 1.44 million dollars in transfer fee.

In response, Chiba Lotte coach Masato Yoshii represented the club’s position in a media interview, saying, “It is not too late to return the favor to the current club and advance to the United States.”

The fans’ view was not good either.
He has played for Chiba Lotte for only three seasons. He has never played a full season due to injury or other reasons. Last year, he pitched in 15 games and recorded seven wins and four losses with an ERA of 1.78.

Sasaki, who joined NPB Chiba Lotte in 2020, is also drawing attention in the Major League thanks to his fastballs. His maximum speed of four-seam fastballs reaches 165 kilometers per hour. In the game against the Orix Buffaloes in 2022, he achieved a “perfect game” in which no batter was allowed to get on base in nine innings, drawing much attention.

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