“One win per round…” Can Korea Gas Corporation, the team in January that has exceeded its goal, continue its reversal

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation will definitely join the 2024 professional basketball team. Korea Gas Corporation, which has emerged as the best team in the fourth round, has garnered attention by defeating the top teams one after another during the period.꽁머니환전

The factor to watch in the future is injury management. There was a gap as a large number of players left in the fourth round. Attention is focusing on how Kang Hyuk, acting coach of Korea Gas Corporation, will escape from the crisis.

Korea Gas Corporation failed to win four consecutive games, losing 76-77 in the regular league game against Goyang Sono at Goyang Sono Arena on the 28th. Korea Gas Corporation, which stood in seventh place, finished its January schedule with a good record of 7 wins and 2 losses. Based on the fourth round, Korea Gas Corporation is located at the top.

Compared to the early results of the season, the game is truly remarkable. Korea Gas Corporation had only three wins in the first and second rounds. However, acting coach Kang Hyuk expressed confidence during the season, saying, “The number of wins per round increased by one. Players are looking for ways to overcome crises.” In fact, Korea Gas Corporation has emerged as a dark horse in the second half of the year, with four wins in the third round and seven wins in the fourth round. Notably, it beat all the top-five teams in the league in the fourth round. It is trailing Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, which is sixth in spring basketball, by five games.

Will the Korea Gas Corporation be able to continue this momentum in the future? The key is the absence of players injured. Starting with Kim Nak-hyeon (right knee), Lee Dae-hun (right hamstring), Shin Ju-young (right ring finger fracture), Park Ji-hoon (right ankle sprain), and Shin Seung-min (right knee), all of the players left the court in order. Veteran Chabawi also has a hard time playing for a long time due to poor ankle. In addition to Cha and Po, his horse is also missing.

All eyes are on acting coach Kang Hyuk’s fingertips. Korea Gas Corporation formed a low-salary team in the league, but overwhelmed its opponents by showing amazing energy levels in the second half of the year. Analysts say that during the upward trend, not only the tactics of acting coach Kang Hyuk but also the appointment of players have risen.

If there is any comfort, the main guns of Kim Nak-hyeon and Lee Dae-heon can return to the team in February. Shin Seung-min is also known to have no difficulty in playing due to knee joint contusions. According to an official from Korea Gas Corporation, the team will closely check the players during its training on Thursday. However, Shin Ju-young will likely be out of the lineup for the time being due to finger fracture surgery and Park Ji-hoon fractured ankle ligament. “The coach is trying not to forcefully hire a player as much as possible,” the official said. “If the players fully return from injury, they will be able to further strengthen their performance in the second half of the season.”

Korea Gas Corporation, which announced a new beginning in Daegu in the 2021-22 season, made it to the round of six playoff stages in the first year, but was blocked by Anyang KGC (currently the head of the association), and packed up early. In the following year, the company lost its pride by ranking ninth. There was no positive outlook this season, but its pace in the second half overwhelms the top ranks. Korea Gas Corporation aims to take the spring basketball stage for the first time in two years.

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