Russia Gives Up To Join Asian Football… Unanimously Voted In Its Own Association, Remains In UEFA

Russia’s integration into the Asian soccer stage, which was promoted by Russia, ended up not taking place.

The Japanese media, Kyodo News, cited Russian local media and said that the incorporation of the AFC, which was promoted by the Russian Football Association (RFU), was rejected as a result of its own vote, and consequently remained in UEFA. Russia was seeking to move to AFC to make a breakthrough as it had been banned from international competitions by UEFA and FIFA after the war with Ukraine that broke out in February 2022.월카지노

The intention was to secure a way to play in the international competition by moving to AFC based on ties with Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, which had a friendly relationship, but the Russian Football Association voted unanimously to remain in UEFA. Russia’s RIA news agency explained, “AFC transfer was discussed, but we voted unanimously because there was no guarantee of FIFA’s approval.”

Russia withdrew its AFC transfer, which it had been pushing for under the surface, because it believes that relations with UEFA have improved slightly recently. Although it has not been realized, it seems that it has changed its mind as the atmosphere has been created different from before, with the possibility of participating in the under-17 national team and other younger national teams being discussed.

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