‘surprised’ by Shaolin soccer-class foul… Lebanese player kicked in the face with stud

Local media in England were surprised to see a Lebanese player’s foul. He seems to be surprised once again that he kicked the opponent in the face with a soccer boot stud, but the referee did not declare a foul.랭크카지노도메인

Lebanon and China tied 0-0 without scoring in the second Group A match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 17th (Korea time).

On the day, the two teams had a fierce match, exchanging a total of 27 shots and 12 shots on goal, but they did not score a goal. In particular, China led the game with 60 percent possession, creating three good chances, but failed to take advantage of all of them, showing the worst scoring ability.

Notably, Wu Lei’s decision-making power has hit rock bottom. Wu Lei not only failed to score but also showed disappointing performance before being replaced early on. According to the soccer statistics magazine Pot Mob, Wu Lei’s pass success rate was 67 percent (8 out of 12), shooting accuracy 67 percent (two out of three), recovery three times, and competition success rate was 50 percent (two out of four). More than anything else, Wu Lei frustrated Chinese fans by blowing away two big chances that he had given him. Wu Lei also bowed his head while sitting on the bench after the replacement.

China had a draw in the first and second matches, earning only two points in the two matches. After the match against Lebanon, Qatar won against Tajikistan to secure six points, widening its gap with China by maintaining its No. 1 position in the group. China was in a shaky second place, one point ahead of Tajikistan and Lebanon.

Due to the result of the match against Lebanon, China’s advance to the round of 16 has also cast dark clouds. In reality, it is best for China to seek the second place in its group. If China wants to advance to the round of 16, it should win its third match against Qatar, and pray that Lebanon will draw with Tajikistan or lose to Tajikistan.

However, the fact that Qatar is showing good performance in Group A of the upcoming event raises China’s concerns. Qatar won a landslide 3-0 victory over Lebanon in the opening match, and secured a scoreless win in the second match. As the event will take place in its own country, it is full of commitment to win its second consecutive championship following the last one in 2019. On the other hand, China’s mood has subsided as it has been struggling for two consecutive games.

Chinese media are also worried about China’s failure to advance to the round of 16. “Sohoo Dotcom,” a Chinese media outlet, said, “The situation in the Chinese national team is getting worse. We need good luck as well as efforts of the team’s players. Whether China will advance to the tournament will depend on the results of its third group match against Qatar, which will take place in five days, and the results of other matches within the same group. Currently, China has no reason to be optimistic about its advance to the round of 16.”

Overseas, attention was paid to the match between Lebanon and China. However, it was not because there was a special player or because of his performance. The British Daily Mail reported that “Lebanon attempted a head-high tackle at the Asian Cup. He kicked the Chinese player in the face with a stud, but the referee did not recognize the shocking behavior as a foul.”

The Daily Mail mentioned Lebanon’s center back Khalil Kamis. Kamis raised his foot high to block Chinese midfielder Dai Wai Jun around the 14th minute of the first half, while Kamis’ foot was directed towards Dai Wai Jun’s face. Dai Wai Jun fell down after being hit in the face by a studded soccer shoes. It is not strange when a red card is issued because he raised his foot high and hit the face.

However, the referee did not take out his card to Camis. The initial decision was made offside, not a foul, and VAR was activated, but the decision was upheld. The Daily Mail also reported that Chinese players demanded a foul from the referee as Dai was in pain, clutching his face. However, the referee blew the whistle and declared offside, saying the referee did not declare a foul on the scene.

According to the “Daily Mail,” overseas fans who encountered the scene were reportedly embarrassed by the referee’s decision, saying, “It’s a joke that a red card doesn’t come out here.”

The referee who did not declare a foul was Ko Hyung-jin, the referee of South Korea.

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