The aftermath of the recruitment of “36.4 billion won” at the end of Japan National University? The U.S. media said, “The total annual salary of SD has risen, and Kim Ha-sung is a prominent trade candidate.”

The San Diego Padres strengthened their power for the first time this winter by signing a five-year, $28 million (about 36.4 billion won) contract with Yuki Matsui, who challenged the Major League through an overseas FA (free agent) qualification on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

Originally, Matsui’s contract was reported to have been worth 3 billion yen (27.4 billion won) for four years. When he opened the lid, however, Matsui’s contract was a little bigger. Matsui acquired an opt-out clause that allows him to search for new contracts and destinations in the third and fourth seasons, and even includes a clause that can be converted into an option for the club to decide whether to accompany Matsui when he is injured.

San Diego was overshadowed by the New York Mets last winter, but it showed a very aggressive move in the stove league. Despite having two shortstop players, including Kim Ha-sung and Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego started its stove league move by signing an 11-year, mega-contract of 280 million dollars with Xander Bogaerts, who was called the “biggest fish” in the FA market.

The contract with Bogaerts was just the beginning. San Diego signed an 11-year, 350 million-dollar extension contract with Manny Machado, a major hitter who hoped to be evaluated by the market through the opt-out, and also signed a 10-year, 108-million-dollar contract with Darvish Yu who earned 16 wins (eight losses) in 192 ⅔s last year.

San Diego has not spared any investment because it saw potential. San Diego ranked second in the National League West with 89 wins, 73 losses and 0.549 percentage last year, and successfully secured a postseason berth through a wild card. It also acquired tickets to the Championship Series by defeating the New York Mets in the wild card and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series. San Diego failed to advance to the World Series (WS) by recording one win and four losses in showdowns with the Philadelphia Phillies, but it was hopeful that it could even challenge to win the title if it invests a little.월카지노

However, his performance this season was disappointing compared to his astronomical investment to reinforce his team’s capability. San Diego appeared unable to enter the postseason competition before the All-Star break. Later, he managed to create a situation in which he struggled to achieve his dream by putting on a spurt at the end of the season, but ended the season without realizing his dream of becoming an autumn baseball player. It was a bold investment that failed to come to an end. Then after the season ended, shocking news spread. San Diego was in a hurry to take out a $50 million loan in September.

San Diego, which has been reeling from financial difficulties, is currently struggling to downsize. San Diego has been busy trading Juan Soto since the start of this year’s Stove League. Soto will be eligible as an FA after the 2024 season, as he felt uncomfortable paying Soto’s ransom at a time when his estimated annual salary is expected to reach 33 million dollars next year. Eventually, San Diego successfully traded a large amount of 2 to 5 after matching cards with the New York Yankees.

Multiple media outlets in the U.S. recently reported that the company hopes to lower the team’s annual salary to less than 200 million U.S. dollars, while San Diego has strengthened its power for the first time. It was Yuki Matsui. As the “finisher” Josh Hader entered the FA market, he needed a player to take care of the back door. However, when Matsui was hired, the team’s 2024 payroll soared to 210 million dollars. Therefore, it was reported that if San Diego is to achieve its goal, it could pursue a trade once again.

The U.S. “CBS Sports” said, “San Diego’s expected team payroll, including Matsui’s contract, is $210 million. San Diego was expected to record a team payroll of around $200 million, but now there are reports that it can drop below that.” Currently, the most likely candidates for the trade include Kim Ha-sung, Jake Cronenworth, and Roberto Suarez. The media said, “If San Diego tries to lower its payroll further, Kim Ha-sung, Roberto Suarez, and Jake Cronenworth stand out as trade candidates.”

Kim Ha-sung’s salary for the 2024 season is 8 million dollars, Cronenworth’s is 7,285,714 dollars, and Suarez’s is 10 million dollars. In particular, the San Francisco Giants, which have vacant their main shortstop, are keeping an eye on Kim Ha-sung. What kind of decision will San Diego, which has seen its total annual salary rise again by recruiting Matsui? Rumors of Kim Ha-sung’s trade are not expected to end for the time being.

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