The best decision ever made! Twice yellow card → cumulative warning sent off in 5 seconds in Liverpool-Manchester United match

A rare scene that cannot be easily seen came out of the match between Liverpool and Manchester United.

Manchester United had a 0-0 draw against Liverpool in the 17th round of the 2023/24 season of the English Premier League held at Anfield in Liverpool, England on Wednesday (Korea time). As a result, Liverpool failed to take the lead.랭크카지노

The game was rather one-sided. Liverpool led the game with 69 percent of the market share. The number of shootings was overwhelming. While Liverpool shot 34 times in 90 minutes, Manchester United shot only six times.

Liverpool, however, failed to take advantage of its opportunity. The team had a 2.35 goal expectation, but failed to break through Manchester United’s goal.

At the end of the game, there was a scene that was not easy to see. Liverpool Mohamed Salah raced toward the pass from the back in 3 minutes of extra time in the second half. Manchester United’s Diogo Dalot ran quickly and stopped the counterattack.

Shortly after, Liverpool’s throw-in was declared. Dalot waved his arms and protested strongly. It meant that the ball was hit by Salah just before it went out to the sideline.

Referee Michael Oliver took out a yellow card for Dalot. It was a warning of protest. Angered Dalot swung his arm again and became dissatisfied with the decision.

Referee Oliver took out the yellow card again, gave him a red card and sent off Dalot. It happened only five seconds later.

After the match, footballer-turned-commentator Dion Dublin claimed, “Dalot was really upset. He was right. It was Manchester United’s throw-in. Two yellow cards in two seconds is ridiculous.”

Fans who watched the scene were also angry. According to The Sun, fans were like, “Wait, did Dalot get two yellow cards in protest? The English referees lost their minds,” and “They gave cards to the protest twice. They are making things as they go.

Meanwhile, PL has been strengthening the authority of referees since this season. Players who protest against the referee during a match can receive yellow cards, and the standard of warning due to objection to judgment has been lowered.

Not only players but also coaching staff must be careful. Only one of the coaches or coaches can stand in a technical area. The rest must sit on a bench. Violators can be given a warning if they break the rules.

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