The key players for Suwon FC to remain for 3 consecutive seasons are Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae.

Suwon FC returned to the K League 1 stage after five years in the 2021 season and remained comfortably for the past two seasons. Suwon FC, which is aiming to remain in the top division for three consecutive seasons, is gradually increasing its chances of survival thanks to the recent performances of striker Kim Hyun (30) and midfielder Lee Young-jae (29).

This season, Suwon FC ranks 10th with 32 points (8 wins, 8 draws, 18 losses). There is a large gap with 9th place Jeju United (38 points, 10 wins, 8 draws, 16 losses) and 11th place Gangwon FC (26 points, 4 wins, 14 draws, 16 losses). If this continues, there is a high possibility that after finishing the season in 10th place, we will play the home and away promotion playoffs (PO) against 3rd place in K League 2.

Unlike the last two seasons, Suwon FC is going through a difficult season. A combination of foreign player farming that was not as good as in previous years, poor defense, and poor development of prospects. In addition, veteran Park Joo-ho retired midway through the season, and head coach Ras (South Africa) was expelled after being caught drunk driving. That’s why I’m glad to see the performances of Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae, who joined in the middle of the season.

Kim Hyun is Suwon FC’s only tall resource (190cm) who can play post play and compete for aerial balls at the front line. He left the team due to hernia surgery at the beginning of the season, but scored the biggest goal of the season in the away game against Daejeon Hana Citizen on the 22nd, giving a great boost to the team’s ability to remain in the first division. Lee Young-jae is also supporting the team by delivering creative passes in the midfield along with Yoon Bit-garam and Lee Seung-woo after being discharged at the end of June.

Kim Hyun and Lee Young-jae experienced relegation to the second division at Busan I’Park in the 2020 season and Gimcheon Sangmu in the 2022 season, respectively. We are determined not to repeat the pain of relegation at Suwon FC. Kim Hyun said, “At this point, the team atmosphere must be maintained well. 온라인카지노“If the players talk a lot among themselves and play with more perseverance, we can definitely stay,” he said. Lee Young-jae also pledged, “I will help my highly skilled colleagues, such as Lee Seung-woo and Yun Bit-garam, play comfortably,” and added, “Through the current process, I will strive to help the team and myself grow further.”

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