The reality that has come to Ahn Hye-ji, “A complete defeat” and “The Last.”

Busan BNK lost 62-77 to Incheon Shinhan Bank in the regular league of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan on the 18th. It was its first six consecutive losses of the season. And for the first time in the season, it was placed at the bottom (4 wins and 15 losses).

After the end of the 2021-2022 season, BNK recruited Han Um-ji (180cm, F). It has established a strong lineup of key players, Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Kim Han-byul, Han Um-ji, and Jinan.

However, without someone to maintain the balance, the strong lineup of key players was useless. Ahn Hye-ji knew this, too. She played various roles such as controlling the tempo, passing, shooting and defense.

The number of invisible balls was also huge, but the number of visible balls was also huge. Ahn first played all games of the 2022-2023 season. In 36 minutes and 40 seconds per game, Ahn recorded an average of 10.5 points and 9.0 assists and 3.7 rebounds (attack 1.2) and 1.0 steals.라바카지노주소

The season’s average record reached a double-double. To that extent, Ahn Hye-ji’s performance was outstanding. Ahn’s capabilities led BNK to the ‘first championship match since its inception.’

The record for the 2023-2024 season is the same as that for the 2022-2023 season. He plays 36 minutes and 52 seconds per game with an average of 11.5 points and 7.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds (1.6 offense). With only a slight decrease in assists, the time to play, score, and rebound increased slightly.

As usual, Ahn was confronted with the sagging defense. He threw a shot at the no-mark chance, but failed to score a point.

In addition, Ahn Hye-ji’s speed did not handle Shinhan Bank’s team speed. The reason why Ahn Hye-ji’s long-term fast attack development did not come out. Due to this, BNK attack options were limited. BNK, which failed to create an upward attack, finished the first quarter with 13-24.

Although BNK was inferior to Ahn, Ahn Hye-ji has one more job to do. She needs to endure mismatches with Shinhan Bank’s forwards. She blocked Jinyoung Kim (177 cm tall, F) and Kim Sonia (177 cm, F) from penetrating under the basket by banking on her short stature. She minimized the power of Shinhan Bank’s forwards.

And Ahn Hye-ji put pressure on Shinhan players starting from Shinhan’s camp. She induced Shinhan’s turnovers with her teammates. Ahn Hye-ji, who took the loose ball, scored easily. BNK, who almost fell behind by more than 15 points, sighed with 20-33.

However, Ahn failed to break Shinhan’s organized defense. Even so, it was difficult to save big men such as Jinan (181 cm, C) and Kim Han-byul (178 cm, F). Shinhan’s defense was concentrated in paint zones.

Having struggled to defend Shinhan, BNK faced off in the third quarter with 22-35. However, Jinan scored eight points in the opening 2 minutes and 54 seconds of the third quarter, and Shinhan narrowed the gap with BNK to 32-38. Shinhan had hope, and Ahn Hye-ji also eased the burden a little.

However, BNK’s defense, including Ahn Hye-ji, failed to block Shinhan Bank’s three points. BNK allowed three points in a row from 3:26 before the end of the third quarter. BNK fell to 34-56 two minutes and 19 seconds before the end of the third quarter. Feeling a crisis, BNK coach Park Jeong-eun asked for the first timeout in the second half.

However, the difference between BNK and Shinhan Bank was big. It was a difference that Ahn Hye-ji could not solve alone. Even so, Ahn Hye-ji is not the type of player who controls the game alone. The reason why darkness hung over Ahn Hye-ji.

Ahn, however, played 100 percent of the remaining time. Such was the case with both offense and defense. He also scored a chasing point. However, the reality approached was inevitable. It was a complete defeat and the lowest rank.

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