Total annual salary of 119.7 billion → 134.1 billion invested this winter, 106 losses, last-place team opened its wallet… ‘Winning WS in 2015’ Miracle Re-enactment Challenge

Kansas City Royals, which is in recession again after winning the World Series in 2015. After three 100-loss seasons in the last six years, the Kansas City Royals are making aggressive investments this winter.

Kansas City was the lowest in the American League Central this season with 56 wins and 106 losses. The winning rate of 0.346 was the second lowest after the Oakland Athletics (0.309).

The team has suffered a series of crashes from the beginning of the season without reversal, and since April 15 (Korea time), it has failed to rise from the bottom except for one day (April 30). Notably, it suffered 20 losses (six wins) in June alone, resulting in a wedge. Since September, it has recorded 15 wins and 12 losses (winning rate of 0.556), but it was too late at the latest.월카지노

Teams that have repeatedly lost tend to continue their rebuilding trend. Based on poor performance, teams are gradually building teams by receiving high turnovers in the rookie draft. In fact, Oakland, which recorded a .300 winning percentage with Kansas City, did not have any noticeable reinforcement this winter.

The Kansas City Royals, however, are different. They have recruited six players over the last 10 days. On last Wednesday, they signed a one-year, 5 million-dollar contract with veteran left-hander Will Smith, and returned to the team after 11 years. Two days later, they agreed with starting pitcher Seth Lugo (34) on a three-year, 45 million-dollar contract, and bullpen pitcher Chris Stratton (33) on a two-year, 8 million-dollar contract.

He did not stop there. On Tuesday, he acquired Uta outfielder Hunter Renfroe (31) for two years and 13 million dollars, and veteran starter Michael Waka (32) for two years and 32 million dollars. He also acquired right-hander Kyle Wright (28) from Atlanta through a trade.

They are not as valuable as Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cody Bellinger (28) and Blake Snell (31), who are among the top-ranked players in the free agent (FA) market. However, the name value is sufficiently helpful to the team. Most of the players displayed good performances this year.

Lugona Waka, a former San Diego teammate of Kim Ha-sung (28) this year, is the players who will deepen the depth of the starting lineup. Waka, in his 11th year in the big league, won 11 games with the Boston Red Sox last year after years of slump, and displayed 14 wins, 4 losses and an ERA of 3.22 in 134 ⅓ innings in 24 games with the San Diego Padres again this year. Lugo, who started 26 times, the most in his eight years since his debut, also pitched 146 ⅓ with an 8-7 record with an ERA of 3.57. Waka can maintain one spot in the rotation, while Lugo has various uses as a swingman.

Renfroe has outstanding slugging capability. Since 2017, when he played in the big league, he has hit more than 20 home runs every year except for the COVID-19 reduction season (60 games). Two years ago, he had a career-high 31 home runs and 96 RBIs. This year, he had a batting average of 0.233 and an OPS of 0.713, but he managed to hit 20 home runs.

In addition, Stratton has played many innings as a relief pitcher, including 82 ⅔s in 64 games this year, and can even start in times of emergency. In 2018, he had 10 wins while playing a full-time starting season. Wright, who flies the entire 2024 season due to shoulder surgery, is also a starting pitcher who has displayed excellent performance with 21 wins last year. Smith, who won the World Series ring for three consecutive years (Atlanta in 2021 – Houston in 2022 – Texas in 2023), recorded 113 saves and 115 holds.

The numbers reveal Kansas City’s bold investment this winter. According to Bob Nightingale of USA Today, Kansas City had 92 million dollars in total annual salary, the eighth lowest in the Major League this season. However, the combined ransom of the five players who were brought to the FA this year has already exceeded the mark of 103 million dollars.

Veteran catcher Salvador Perez (33) and rookie shortstop Bobby Witte Jr. (23) who joined the 30th (homer)-30 (stealing base) club this year are holding out as core resources in the Kansas City Royals. Brady Singer (27), the first-rounder of 2018, is taking the mound in 2018. If the players he recruited do their part, he has ample room for rebound.

Kansas City, which was considered one of the most underdogs of the Major League in the early 2000s, endured hardships and made waves to advance to the postseason for the first time in 29 years in 2014 and to the World Series. In 2015, the team strengthened its resources through bold trade and won the district championship with 95 wins, before grabbing the top spot in the World Series for the first time in 30 years.

However, the team went into rebuilding mode after failing to catch Eric Hosmer (34), Mike Mustakus (35), Lorenzo Cain (37), and Wade Davis (38). Since his chin-up rate of 50% (81-81, 0.500) in 2016, the team has been on a losing season. It lost 100 games three times in 2018 (104) and 2019 (103) and this year.

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