Who will lead San Diego, who has left the owner?

With the passing of San Diego Padres owner Peter Seidler, who will lead the team?

The Athletic reported on Sunday (July 17) that the San Diego Padres will be managed after Seidler’s death.

For the time being, the team has a leader. At the Major League Baseball owners’ meetings today, Seidler’s business partner, Eric Cutcenda, was named interim president.레모나토토 도메인

Cutcenda joined the private equity firm Seidler founded in 1999 as a co-founder and managing partner.

He joined the Padres front office last summer in a special advisory role to president Eric Grouper.

He took on the role to represent the owner’s interests after Seidler’s health issues made it difficult for him to manage the club, according to The Athletic.

Cutcenda is now reportedly involved in the hiring of a new manager alongside president Groupon.

The Padres are reportedly weighing candidates including Mike Shields, Ryan Flaherty, Benji Gill and Phil Nevin, with a final announcement expected sometime next week.

For now, Cutcenda will lead the team on an interim basis. Someone needs to step up and lead the team after Seidler.

The Athletic, citing league sources, reported that the late Seidler made it clear during his lifetime that he wanted his family to continue to lead the team, and his family has decided to honor that wish.

The Seidler family reportedly owns the majority of the club’s debt. For now, the late Seidler’s shares have been transferred to a trust.

Despite the sudden change in ownership, the team appears to be moving to minimize disruption. The Padres reportedly plan to keep the 2024 payroll in the low $200 million range, down from last season.

The Padres are expected to publicly address the ownership situation next week.

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