“Winning the 2050 World Cup is not an illusion!” The Japanese media is also excited about Japan’s defeat of Germany and Turkiye.

Japanese soccer is advancing to the world level. Our goal is to win the World Cup in the future. 

Japan defeated Türkiye 4-2 in a friendly match held at Genk Segka Arena in Belgium on the 12th at 9:20 PM (Korean time). Following Japan’s 4-1 win over Germany on the 10th, Japan scored 4 goals against Turkiye, ending its two-game road trip to Europe with a win.

Japan won its fourth consecutive A match. Japan achieved big wins against El Salvador (6-0) and Peru (4-1) at home last June. This September, they defeated Germany 4-1 and also defeated Turkye 4-2. Japan has shown clear team colors with tremendous firepower, scoring 18 points in the last four games.

It was even more shocking because it was a victory that captured both content and results. Compared to the game against Germany, Japan changed as many as 10 of the 11 starting players. The only starting player was left defender Hiroki Ito. Japan showed its tremendous player base by destroying Turkiye even in the game in which the second team participated.

After the game, Japan national team coach Hajime Moriyasu said, “It is a different victory than the World Cup victory. This is a path to see new scenery that has not been seen yet at the next World Cup. “To achieve this, I want to challenge myself by producing results one game at a time,” he said.

Japan’s best performance in the World Cup ever was the round of 16. The best performance by an Asian team in the World Cup was Korea’s semifinals in 2002, led by coach Guus Hiddink. Korea lost 2-3 to Turkiye in the 3rd and 4th place match and took 4th place.메이저놀이터

Now Japan wants more than Korea’s achievements. Japanese media ‘Cocokara’ said, “Japan is developing its national team based on Coach Moriyasu and his long-term vision. That’s actually a good idea. Japan’s goal of advancing to the semifinals of the 2030 World Cup and winning the 2050 World Cup is by no means an illusion. “How far will their advance continue?” he said, without hiding his anticipation. 

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